Third Space Global, opened its new regional headquarters in Orion City

Third Space Global, a UK-based company, opened its new regional headquarters in Orion City recently to improve the online learning experience for school children by recruiting young and intelligent Sri Lankans, that must undergo an intensive training programme on the latest teaching methods.

"We take our duty of being here in Sri Lanka very seriously. Over the next 18 to 24 months we'll be on track to boost our export earnings, but also we believe that there's a responsibility for all businesses to do their bit, which is the expansion of our CSR eLearning hubs programme, that we have been running over the past six months, which I hope some of you'll have the ability to learn somewhat more in our showcase.

What we've been doing there is we've been encouraging children to come into our office to use the computer facilities, to develop their own independent thinking and learning abilities, so that they're not only a consumer of the world wide web, but they are leveraging the Internet to improve themselves," said Nilaweera in the launch.

He further said, "The rest of the world is growing concerning education practices. We feel that there's an opportunity here for us to make a positive contribution to support that across the island."
Following the session, a showcase was hosted to provide attendees the chance to find first-hand experience to learn what the pupils of the UK experience with the sessions, learn about some of the international educational improvements, understand career development opportunities and also to learn about some of the CSR programmes underway.

Third Space Global intends to construct an internationally recognized centre of excellence in online maths instruction and student development that would enable them to develop the best practices in training
and delivery.

Third Space Global is set to make a wonderful working environment and training programme that would enable recruitment of the best maths teaching talent and develop them with local and international partners.