Google opened its Launchpad Accelerator to Sri Lanka on 31 August

Its Launchpad Accelerator opened August with the goal of providing developers with an opportunity to invent solutions to challenges.

"Google Launchpad Accelerator provides us an opportunity to work with and enable incredible developers, that are solving major challenges all over the world - whether it is streamlining digital commerce across Africa, providing access to multimedia tools which support special needs education, or using AI to simplify business operations," Google stated, in
a communique.

In addition to Sri Lanka, its doors will open in the region, and some Eastern and Central European, Latin American and African states.

Touching on the benefits of the programme, '' Google said the training at Google HQ includes intensive training from 20+ Google teams, and specialist mentors from leading technology companies and VCs in Silicon Valley. According to the search giant, participants get support, credits for goods that are Google, PR service and continue to work during the program in their home country.

Each start-up that is applicable to the Launchpad Accelerator should be a technological start-up based in the states specified, targeting their regional markets, with an established product-market match (past ideation stage).

"Additionally, we're interested in what sort of start-up you're. We also consider: The problem you're attempting to solve. Does this create value? Are you currently addressing a challenge for country, your home town or area? Does your management team have the drive and a leadership mindset to become an influencer? said Google.